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Dear Children, in this book we will be discussing important issues which you must think hard about…

At school, your teachers first teach you the alphabet. Then come numbers and mathematics lessons. But have you ever wondered why you go to school and learn all these?

Most of you will say that these things are essential in order to have a decent profession when you grow up. That means you are almost sure that you will grow up someday. Indeed, the day may come when children around you will start calling you, "Aunt, grandfather or uncle…" in the same way you address your aunt, grandfather, or uncle, right now. In other words, you will one day grow up if Allah has destined you to do so.

However, you won't continue growing old for ever. Everyone grows old gradually, but when the day comes they leave this world and start a new life in the hereafter. This also holds true for you. After these days of childhood, you may grow into a young man or woman and then even reach the age of your grandparents. Then will come the time when you will start living your life in the hereafter.

You go to school to prepare for the future. It is important for every individual to make these preparations. However, all these efforts are limited to the life of this world only. What about the things you need for your next life? You must prepare for the hereafter as well. Have you ever thought about that?

When you grow up, you will need to earn your living, which means you must have a profession. This is why you go to school. Likewise, to have a happy life in the hereafter, there are certain things you must do. The foremost of these is immediately to start coming to know Allah, the Exalted, and how our Lord wants us to conduct ourselves.

Here, in this book we will talk about the power of Allah Who created your mother, father, friends, all other people, animals, plants, and in short all living things, the earth, the sun, the moon and the entire universe. We will talk about the might and infinite knowledge of our Lord and what He wants us to do and not to do. Do not forget, these are very important matters, which will benefit you greatly!